LT Paraglide


LT Paraglide is a program for the development for paragliders and power/traction kites.


Modern paragliders and power kites are composed of up to 1000 parts. As a developer having multiple tasks and a tough schedule you cannot

afford to spend several days with the design of a new glider eventually to find out after the first test flight that the airfoil used is unsuitable and has

to be replaced.


Using LT Paraglide you are designing the whole glider within few hours. And even more important: Small changes such as a new airfoil are

finished in short time.


This gives you room for your core task: To develop better products that improve the position of your company.


LT Paraglide has been developed using the latest Microsoft .NET software technology. As a separate application the program closely interacts

with AutoCAD starting from version 2004. Through compilation it is very fast.


Although LT Paraglide initially has been developed for the design of paragliders it is suitable for power/traction kites as well.


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